South Eastern Europe

Igniting Innovation, Fortifying Futures Where Today’s Research Meets Tomorrow’s Technology

Igniting Innovation, Fortifying Futures

Where Today’s Research Meets Tomorrow’s Technology

Building on the resounding success of the MIT Global Startup Workshop (GSW) 2023 held in Athens—a landmark event that drew an unprecedented attendance of more than 1600 innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders—StartSmart South Eastern Europe is proud to present the StartSmart Summit. While more intimate in scale, this summit aspires to capture the essence of the MIT GSW’s dynamic exchange of ideas and pioneering spirit. Set against the backdrop of Athens’ rich history, the StartSmart Summit offers a focused day of discussions, networking, and inspiration dedicated to shaping the future of technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and defense. Join us for an event that promises to be a concentrated version of the enthusiasm and innovative drive witnessed at MIT GSW 2023, continuing the momentum in driving technological innovation forward.

Conference Format Highlights

Keynotes: Be inspired by leading figures in technology and innovation, setting the tone for a day of insightful discussions and discoveries.

Expert Panels: Participate in or lead dynamic panel discussions on critical themes:

Sponsor Panels: Hear from our sponsors about emerging technologies and how they are leveraging them to drive progress and innovation.

Pitching Session: Witness or partake in the exciting finale of the StartSmart South Eastern Europe Acceleration program, showcasing promising startups.

Networking: Meet emerging innovators and hear what they are building, engage with policymakers and investors searching the next “big thing”.

From Lab to Market:

Navigating the Pathways of Research Commercialization.

Explore strategies for turning academic research into commercial products with insights on technology transfer, intellectual property, and academia-industry partnerships. Learn how to foster entrepreneurship in academia and replicate successful commercialization models through collaborative efforts.

Fortifying Futures:

Innovating at the Nexus of Defense, Security and Technology.

Discuss the intersection of defense, security, and technology, how to tap into defense focused funding, and the complementary role of startups in enhancing national security.
Uncover strategies for startups to navigate the security technology landscape, from initial funding to contributing to global security solutions.

Deep Dive into Deep Tech:

Building the Next Generation of Tech Startups.

Hear from founders who transitioned their research into global businesses, discussing the journey from idea to market, securing funding, building teams, and scaling. Gain practical advice for navigating the startup ecosystem and achieving a global presence.

Venture Visions:

Navigating the Landscape of Tech Startup Investments.

Dive into the tech investment scene with expert investors, covering startup evaluation, investment strategies, and establishing fruitful relationships. Understand what attracts investors to a startup and how to secure funding for growth.

The StartSmart Summit offers an unparalleled platform to:

Influence the Future:

Engage in deep discussions about the opportunities and challenges of bringing groundbreaking research to the market.

Connect with Leaders:

Network with an elite group of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, business professionals, and academics from Greece, Europe, and beyond.

Showcase Innovations:

Present your latest technologies, research outcomes, or investment strategies to a receptive and diverse audience.

Drive Change:

Play a pivotal role in accelerating technology-driven innovation and shaping the ecosystem for tech startups, especially in the deep tech sector.

This summit is designed for anyone involved or interested in the future of technology and
innovation, including:

Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Researchers and Academics

Investors and Business Executives

Policy Makers and Ecosystem Stakeholders

Building on an amazing successful program

In an extraordinary gathering of minds, we partnered with MIT, the MIT Club of Greece, and the Hellenic Innovation Network to organize the MIT Global Startup Workshop (GSW) 2023 in Athens. This landmark two-day conference assembled entrepreneurs, students, investors, and key stakeholders from around the globe, aimed at accelerating the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our host region. Through a series of workshops, panels, and keynote addresses, the MIT GSW imparted entrepreneurial practices that have been instrumental in launching thousands of companies from MIT. Attracting more than 1600 attendees and featuring 57 speakers, the Athens edition set a new precedent for the largest GSW in history. Reflecting on its unparalleled success, the MIT team has decided to take a hiatus in 2024. For more insights, hosts details of the conference, and the StartSmart SEE channel on YouTube offers video recordings.


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Investing in Deep Tech Startups


Fortifying Futures: Innovating atthe Nexus of Defense, Security, and Technology

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From Lab to Market: Navigating the Pathways of Research Commercialization


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